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Hiring and retaining superstar employees is important for any business. The Pinnacle Groups are here to help with customized, flexible solutions to fit the scale of your business, your company culture, and your employees’ needs.

With Pinnacle Groups by your side, you can attract and retain talent that truly fits your business culture, offer competitive and attractive employee benefit programs, and keep your payroll processes accurate and compliant.

The professionals at Pinnacle Groups average at least 15 years of experience in their respective disciplines and are committed to putting that expertise to work for your organization.

Pinnacle Staffing Group

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent for Your Business

What is your biggest staffing challenge? Retention, talent recruitment, seasonal peaks, an uncertain environment? Whatever you are facing, Pinnacle Staffing Group can help.

In our business, size doesn’t matter. We help companies large and small recruit and onboard the talent needed to help your business grow. Whether that includes 100 temporary employees or one high-level executive to lead a team. We leverage our exceptional talent pool, experienced recruiting staff, and quality reputation to connect great people with great companies.

PivIT Group

Hire the Best IT Experts

We learned a lot in 2020, especially the importance of technology in the workplace, and the need to react quickly to unexpected changes in your business environment. If you need IT expertise for your business, we can help.

The PivIT Group is well known for recruiting the best in the industry. With a unique specialization within the IT community, our experienced recruiters can help you fill full-time and part-time
professional staffing positions, as well as IT services, infrastructure, engineering, and data analysis openings.

Get the qualified IT talent you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Pinnacle Employer Services

HR Solutions Creating a Positive Environment

A positive employee experience is essential to your business. Happy employees influence productivity, customer experiences, morale, and ultimately, drive revenue.

Discover what Pinnacle Employer Services can do for you, your employees, and your business. From employee benefits programs and HR admin to payroll, risk management, executive recruiting, and more. Our services will be customized to your specific needs, helping you stay
compliant and competitive, while you focus on managing and building your business.

You and your team deserve the best.