Our Team of Staffing Professionals

Brad Tyler

Executive Director / Partner

Brad Tyler is a hands-on and thought-provoking entrepreneur, with a career rooted in the staffing industry since 1999. Over the years, he’s embarked on a remarkable journey, starting from the ground up and eventually ascending to ownership in 2016. Brad’s initial foray into the light industrial sector has since evolved to encompass staffing across a diverse range of industries, from IT and engineering to accounting, professional roles, C-Level positions, and more.

Recognizing the paramount significance of building and nurturing relationships, Brad has made it his mission to establish enduring connections with the individuals he encounters. Guided by a profound sense of ethical duty and a commitment to selfless giving, he channels his passion into ensuring the happiness and well-being of his team. Throughout his career, Brad has embraced a multitude of philosophies, but the one he holds dearest is the belief that for a company to thrive, it must provide an environment where employees feel not only valued but also empowered to grow.

Brad’s professional life is characterized by a deep appreciation for expertise, as he consistently surrounds himself with industry experts, fostering an atmosphere of support and encouragement for his team’s success, both in their work and personal lives.

Beyond the confines of the office, Brad’s interests extend to spending quality time with his family, indulging in a round of golf, exploring new destinations through travel, and immersing himself in the electrifying experience of live music shows.


Cory Beaver

Unknown Title / Partner

Cory Beaver is a seasoned veteran in the staffing, payroll, and human resource industries, with more than 20 years of experience.  In 2003, Cory helped launch an outsourced payroll and human resource company.  His diverse background in business development, operations and human resources led him to help launch Pinnacle Staffing Group in 2016.  Cory lives by the philosophy, if you always do what you say you are going to do, you will not only win professionally, but also personally.  Cory’s focus is helping Pinnacle grow and spending time opening new markets, while also supporting the business development of the company’s current markets.  When not traveling, he loves spending time outdoors either hunting, fishing, or playing golf with his friends, but most of his free time is spent with his wife, two daughters and three Labrador Retrievers.   Cory is a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan and a loyal supporter of the University of Kansas.

Moses Muro

Director of Operations / Partner

Moses Muro is a steady man of very few words, but a man who gets things done through action. Bringing 20 years of experience in staffing, recruiting, HR and payroll administration, Moses helps facilitate rapid growth while being conscientious and detail-oriented. After his service in the United States Navy, Moses attended Emporia State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in sociology. He shows great commitment to family, friends, and most importantly his son Hudson, his driving force in life. Moses grew up in Roeland Park, Kansas and currently lives in Overland Park. Much of his free time is spent with friends, on the golf course or any local pub with a Golden Tee machine. But there’s nowhere Moses would rather be than with his son, Hudson, enjoying a movie, swimming, or playing video games at Dave and Busters.

Leadership Team

Jodi Lang

Director of Field Support

Jodi Lang has been in the business over 30 years starting out as an in-house, temporary at as her first job in the industry being a recruiter and moved all around the US had many position how many positions to get to VP level traveled quite a bit in her career, worked in many different market sizes from small towns to large cities markets Received several awards and recognition over the years for sales and performance profit.

This industry gets in your blood. It’s very rewarding to give people jobs to see them succeed

It’s also very rewarding that over the years in the industry I have gained a lot of great relationships with clients, that I still remain friends with throughout the years

My greatest love is the charity work I do for a local organization that supports families called the St. Louis Crisis Nursery I’m very involved in their events and raising money to support the local nurseries to protect children and keep them safe and warm and fed

This industry has taught me so many things, and it definitely not a boring job. Every day is different no two days are the same and obviously every year is different given what’s going on in the economy and that keeps me moving I took a step back due to some family issues and nursed my parents as they were aging, and after they had passed away, I went back to work in the senior industry, which was also very rewarding, but really really missed being in this hustle bustle and what I love about Pinnacle and what’s brought me here today is the exciting opportunity andthe culture

When I’m not working in my spare time, obviously doing the charity work, makes me happy traveling the beach with my husband enjoying long walks on the beach and sunsets on the beach. I’m married to John lang of 24 years and together we have three Pomeranian furbabies.